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Springville, UT 84663

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Tromega uses the latest in scientific nano technology to create a formula for optimal health at the cellular level.


For the last ten years Nathan Harris, Creator and Founder of TROMEGA, developed a groundbreaking mineral element drink to fix his body.  

In 2010 Nathan was in the emergency room for chest pains.  Doctors told him he was at a very high risk for a heart attack and his blood pressure was dangerously high.  

Let’s back up and explain what led up to these and other urgent health problems.  In 2007 Nathan’s weight was skyrocketing.  Stress from his church pew and wood restoration business, trying to provide for a family of six children, and his health spiraling out of control,  weighed heavily on him.  

In 2008 after the economy took a nose dive his business was hit severely.   Nearly losing the business and home Nathan was forced to work twice as hard for a quarter of the regular pay to just to meet their basic needs.  This led to other financial and health issues which resulted in a dramatic weight gain in 2010.  Now at 300 lbs his immune system became compromised.

In 2010 he caught a deadly staph infection MRSA, not once but three times which nearly killed him.  During this time Nathan had a decision to make, either give up and quit or fight.  He chose to fight. 

In the later part of 2011, after an epic struggle to fix his health and ability to provide,  Nathan had turned his life around losing 100 lbs. . He saw amazing improvements to his health and outlook for life.  

During this two year period Nathan started slowly in the gym reestablishing a habit of cardio exercise daily.  Then he started lifting light weights.  

Determined to never get that sick again Nathan researched how to heal his body.  

The issues mentioned previously resulted in obesity, high blood pressure,  regular colds, pneumonia, sleep apnea, infections, muscle spasms, memory loss, and pre-diabetic symptoms.  This drove him to find a better way to heal his body.  

Nathan researched known methods of how to heal his body naturally.  He discovered that the most efficient pure way to deliver the missing elements to his body was a perfect blend of nano mineral elements.   Nano minerals are so small that they are instantly absorbable into the body.  This blends the ancient uses of these elements with todays technology to provide the fastest way for the body to energize, repair, and grow healthy cells.

He developed TROMEGA which is Danish “TRO” for belief in, and Greek “MEGA” for the ultimate self.  TROMEGA means “belief in your ultimate self”.

He started with lifeblend, girlpower, brain ++, and repair.   Originally formulated for personal use without the intent of creating a product, and the following happened.

The result…

Nathan went from an obese, out of shape middle aged man, with severe health risks to becoming a STRONGMAN competitor. Strongman competitions are regarded as the ultimate test of athletic strength.  They usually include, lifting cars, atlas stones, flipping 800 lb tires, and carrying weights that can exceed 1000 lbs.  (the equivalent weight of two pianos).   

He did it with the help of the mineral elements that would later become TROMEGA and it’s energizing cellular repairing qualities.  His results started attracting the attention of family, friends, neighbors, and gym patrons where he worked out.  Soon everyone was asking what he was drinking.  

The demand was so high Nathan took the natural mineral elements from the earth, incorporated the latest scientific nano technology, and created what is now known as TROMEGA.

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