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PO Box 1000
Springville, UT 84663

(801) 358-1407

Tromega uses the latest in scientific nano technology to create a formula for optimal health at the cellular level.


How & Why I Should Drink TROMEGA ?

How do I take Tromega?  

Each 2 oz. bottle of Tromega is the daily recommended dose.

The best ways to take Tromega are:

  • By itself as a 2 oz. shot
  • Upon waking, pour Tromega into 8 - 12 oz. of water and drink
  • Before, during, or after exercise 
  • Tromega can be mixed with most consumable liquids such as water, your pre/post workout beverage, or natural fruit + vegetable juices 


What problem does it solve?

Today’s busy lifestyle and constant stress on the body makes for a weaker and more suppressed immune system.One of the biggest questions most people have is“how do I stay healthy while still trying to attain the proper balance between life and all the stresses we face?” Physical, mental, spiritual, and social stress take a huge toll on the body.What if there was a way to repair the wear and tear we put on the body on a daily basis in a pure form?There is a way and we are proud to introduce it to the world. TRŌMEGA literally translated means “Belief in your ultimate self”.The ancient civilizations of the world have used these same principles to try and achieve the ultimate self.We believe that when we go to the earth and use what it gives us to feed our body and mind we will see amazing results.This has been the case with so many already. We invite you to become part of the pride and unleash your ultimate self.

What concerns does it fix?

There are multiple solutions TRŌMEGA can fix in the body. Because everyone is in a unique stage we have formulated 4 different blends to solve any concern.Each is designed with a specific purpose for mind, body, and soul.  Because the body must support a healthy immune system we created lifeblend to be used on a daily basis.Because it repairs at the mitochondria level, the cell is repaired instantly.Nano crystalline technology allows the minerals to have the fastest absorption rate giving you the peace of mind that your body is immediately allowing the repair to begin. Girlpower was formulated to support the female system by replenishing a woman’s most essential minerals at any stage of life.Be assured that no matter where you are in the amazing stage of womanhood that your secure knowing that TRŌMEGA is in you.