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PO Box 1000
Springville, UT 84663

(801) 358-1407

Tromega uses the latest in scientific nano technology to create a formula for optimal health at the cellular level.

Our Philosophy

"I just wanted to let you know that your TROMEGA stuff is incredible! I had a really bad infection in my middle ear and in the lymph nodes in my neck. I tried two prescriptions of amoxicillin and that didn't work. So I was administered 2 grams of Keflex. Which is what they give for bone infections so it's really strong. That still didn't kill it and I was starting to get scared. Then you gave Jordan those samples (I was rude and took more than he did lol). After I took those samples for a week or so the infection cleared up. I could feel it slowly breaking up and I could finally hear in that eat again. I forgot to thank you. That stuff is serious gold! It hasn't been back since! And I had that infection since last November."

- Kylee Larson

"Tromega helps me recover from grueling Strongman training. I rest better and more soundly than I do without it. I feel more focused and dialed in also. Gives me a sense of wellbeing that nothing else gives me. Recovery is quicker intraworkout and fuller overnight. I need it too. I carry 1,000 lbs. on my back for 40 ft. & 350 lbs. per hand for 50 ft. Tromega simply works!"

Strongest Regards

"I have suffered from terrible sinus and allergies for years. After being frustrated and disappointed with the available Over the counter medication that merely masks the real symptoms, I was introduced to Tromega. 
This product has been life changing. I immediately felt my symptoms of sore throat and headache disappear, and by the next day, all my symptoms had completely cleared. My energy level returned, and I didn't take the Standard week of recovery. Tromega is an outstanding product that helps alleviate symptoms and sustains energy."

-Felecia Moeaki

"Whenever anyone in my family gets sick we turn to natural solutions like trace minerals, natural antibacterials, essential oils, probiotics and vitamins. Tromega products are so awesome in curing and preventing illness! When our bodies have what they need they heal themselves. Tromegs helps in this process!!"

-Monica Wilkinson

"I've enjoyed how Tromega has helped me study for school. I've felt a higher cognitive function while using it. I also noticed improved health, but was watching how it helped with my studies more than health wise. It was kind of an ah-ha moment when I felt better as well as studied better, with more focus."

-Bryan Wood

"I am amazed at how much more alert and just over all better I feel when I am on Girl Power! I am pregnant with my fifth child at 31. Starting to feel older and the effects of 5 pregnancies. I started using it at month 5 Into this pregnancy. I have had one of my best pregnancies ever! More energy, happier mood, and more focus! Love Tromega! It has to be a part of my daily routine now!"


"I have an auto immune disease called ITP. My immune system attacks my platelets and I struggle keeping them up without medication. When I started taking tromega, about a week later my platelets went up. I haven't gone off of it since! Not only that but it has strengthened my immune system and prevented me from getting sicker while my body is already fighting to keep my blood healthy. Thank you tromega!"

-Makayla Page

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